Will Estate And Trust

The devolution of interest in any property through an instrument of will is the most orderly transmission of right of individual after his/her death. The bequest may take shape by identifying the beneficiaries who may be private individuals or it might involve creation of trust in the names of a body of persons or to any particular trust that may already exist. Preparation of a will or taking probate letters of administration after the death of a person to give effect to the will could be the most crucial activities to give effect to the terms of the will.

How to make a will, how to register a will in India, how to plan an estate are the important areas of law which need to be dealt with someone who understands this area of law thoroughly, and we realize this area of law more than anyone else.

In the state of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, there is no compulsory requirement for taking probate or letters of administration. However, the grants obtained from court which have the effect of a judgement in rem will go a long way to prevent future litigation in respect of the properties covered under such instruments. Obtaining mutation of revenue entries on the basis of devolution of interest is also an important activity that would require, though a minimum exercise before the revenue authorities, and service on their field could be provided by the team of experts.

Litigation on matters relating to will arise predominantly because the person that has made the document can never be alive in the very nature of things. The best tool will have to therefore by creating an environment that at the time when document is made there is no scope for any suspicion, for, it is the credibility value for the instrument at the time when it was made that will be crucial for putting the genuineness of document to test.

The Supreme Laws understand this important need and will be able to counsel parties appropriately in the manner of preparation of will and for orderly transmission of rights of properties after the death of person by appropriate procedures. We ensure you that your estate is in safe hands and will be taken care of in best way and not lost to a person, not inter-fold to be benefited by the departed soul.