Tax Laws

As much as one might desire that tax burden simply does not exist, the living reality is to pay taxes but reduce the burden. Tax evasion is an offense but tax planning is not. Tax planning is important for every businessman big or small and every person who comes under tax bracket. Supreme Laws is the taxation law firm which help its clients not only to plan their taxes which in turn saves them form tax penalties, etc.

There are the tax laws in India which are very complex by their very nature and understating tax jurisprudence lies within very narrow field of technical expertise. There are many tribunals and fora that exist under the supervision of courts. The income tax officials themselves are technically well trained persons and the government’s initiatives at all times would be to secure revenues at the quickest time. The help that any customer or taxpayer would require is to help plan for reduction of tax liability and for appropriate payment within the time stipulated. Tax violation could be a major embarrassment for it might result in coercive processes of recovery that could bring down the esteem of a person in public who is found to be in evasion of tax liability.

Supreme Laws, income tax lawyers Chandigarh understand the importance in the field and has adequate contacts in the tax field both in government as well as in the field of professionals who are best at tidying up accounts and ensuring that the tax liability is kept at minimum. If there is a need for fighting out cases in tribunals and courts, Supreme Laws will provide the appropriate assistance to handle such disputes that may arise.

Our tax services are:

Advisory and planning
Custom duty
Direct and indirect taxes
Excise duty
Income/sale/gift/octroi tax
Transactional tax
Tax compliance and assessments
Tax exemptions
Stamp duty
Value added tax
Works contract, sales and service taxsales and service tax