Real Estate

Our knowledge in real estate laws is distinct and we understand its complexity.

Our clients choose us because they know we understand their objectives and offer them the solution, understanding, technical expertise, clarity of advice and commitment to get their deals done efficiently and effectively in the complex area of real estate laws in India.

Property in its diverse form consist of essentially its acquisition and its redistribution. Housing needs are the most predominant concern of any middle class community. Private operators work in a very big way in creation of appropriate infrastructure for building commercial and non-commercial properties. The significant development indicators predict that, India is poised in a big way in this area.

The real estate operators have at all times to look for policies of government that identify areas where development could take place and type of building that could be permitted to be constructed. The work must involve in having a pulse in market, of knowing public need, affordability & the how the constructions could be made. Even apart from constructions for immediate occupational need, identifying properties for purchase by way of investment is also an important activity.

Real Estate is a method of identifying properties for purchase as investment for use in future either for resale or putting it for appropriate personal use purpose. Examination of all relevant documents for giving good title to sale and purchase will be key operations in this field. Working closely with financiers will also be an important activity and with adequate exposure to the banking sector the persons who are in dealing in real estate. It is possible for Supreme Laws to provide the best assistance to secure finance for activity in real estate. Complaints for delay in delivery, pursuing action for damages for deficient work and enforcement of works contracts are other important areas that a client could feel confident to rely on Supreme Laws.

The knowledge of Supreme Laws’ real estate lawyers in Rewari or we say best property lawyer in Rewari has accumulated over a long period in law, planning, architecture, and environment issues with its branches nationwide is completely unsurpassed.

Our real estate team helps our clients in :

Drafting of agreements
Title clearance and due diligence
Land acquisition
Tenancy laws
Real Estate litigation
Project advisory
Project finance
Revenue & property law