Landlord and Tenant Laws

Gajraj Yadav Laws Landlord & Tenant practice consists of a team of lawyers with extensive knowledge of landlord tenant laws in India & resources across its offices.

There are principally three types of enactments governing the relationship between landlord & tenant. One is the Transfer of Property Act which governs the interest between the landlord & tenant in respect of immovable property generally urban lands & buildings are now regulated through special legislation called the rent laws. Agricultural tenancies are a distinct genre and governed by local laws. The most contested litigations in courts are predictably in the area of commercial properties in urban areas where the pressure on property by simple operation of demand & supply are such that the tenants who gets in to the property would not want to be evicted easily and the landlord would at all times be interested in securing what is appropriate rent and the return that is commensurate with the inflationary trends in the market.

The agricultural leases have different nature of contest that a landlord who is an absentee wants the best return from his property and at same time would not want to lose the property to a tenant who may be a cultivator. The proceedings relating to all agricultural tenancies are not necessarily before courts but they are before the revenue authorities, where the proceedings are less formal in character and more litigant friendly.

Gajraj Yadav Laws property lawyers in Rewari shall ensure that commercial litigation are best served by identifying a quick resolution through a mediation or arbitrarily process. A court litigation in rent control matters are not perhaps the best experience for anyone, because it takes time. Our assistance in this area will be driven towards a meaningful settlement that will make, if he is a landlord, a happy person with ability to secure possession if it is for his own genuine need or to secure the best returns for the property as rent and if, a tenant that he is continued in possession without being hassled by the landlord and carries on his business without any disturbance by a suspicious landlord at all times.