Family and Matrimonial Laws

Matrimonial disputes and divorce cases should always be handled with rational approach and transparency.
Family is the basic unit of society and the robustness of the family relationships determine the robustness of the country at large. It is their essential that family disputes should get addressed comprehensively on the various areas of disputes that might arise. These could be: areas of succession in determining the shares among respective members of the family the distribution of the assets, matters related to partition of family assets, divorce through decree of divorce, claim of maintenance and enforcing child custody issues. Our specialize team of best divorce lawyers Rewari will help you out from your difficult moments.

By the very nature of disputes, it might be seen that it cannot take at all times adversarial approach and it is most essential that the disputes are settled through mediation. Indeed Civil Procedure Code itself enacts that all family disputes shall be endeavored to be settled through a mediator process and invariably courts refer to mediation or conciliation before taking them on board.

We have trained mediators and the best divorce lawyers in Rewari on our panel who have conducted successfully several mediation sessions and helped families resolve the disputes amicably. We also have persons who can effectively negotiate for the best interest of a litigant before any other mediator who may be appointed. It is realized that mediation and negotiation are complementary and they have different skills to be honed. We have in our panel persons, who are just not mediators but effective negotiators as well.

It is not at all easy to take decision when a relationship breaks down. We will advise you to reach a reasonable outcome at economic and emotional levels and at the same time supporting you to make future arrangements for you and your children. We can negotiate, litigate, collaborate and mediate and will help you choose the best option for you.

Our family & matrimonial practice includes :

Child custody
Domestic violence & harassment
Maintenance & Alimony
Partition Actions
Division of assets and matrimonial settlements